LBNL 44453

Performance Assessment and Adoption Processes of an
Information Monitoring and Diagnostic System Prototype

Phase 3 Project Report

Mary Ann Piette, Sat Kartar Khalsa, and Philip Haves, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA
Peter Rumsey, Supersymmetry, Oakland, CA
Kristopher L. Kinney and Eng Lock Lee, Electric Eye, Oakland, CA and Singapore
Anthony Sebald and Kumar Chellapilla, University Of California, San Diego, CA
Christine Shockman, Shockman Consulting, Palo Alto, CA
October 1999

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This report is also published by the California Energy Commission as Publication #600-00-005.
CEC Project Manager: Joseph Wang
CIEE Project Manager: Carl Blumstein
LBNL Project Manager: Mary Ann Piette

HTML Version of report:  This is incomplete, in particular, figures have not been inserted.  PDF version of report is recommended.


Legal Notice
Executive Summary

Section 1. Introduction
     1.1  Problem summary
     1.2  Purpose of report
     1.3  Project goals and objectives
     1.4  Project phasing
     1.5  Summary of expenditures
     1.6  Background
     1.7  Project approach
Section 2. Conclusions and recommendations
     2.1  Evaluation of project objectives
     2.2  Evaluation of economic objectives
     2.3  Commercialization potential
     2.4  Benefits to California if technology commercialized
     2.5  Recommendations
Section 3. Discussion
     3.1  Findings from the IMDS
     3.2  Techniques to automate the diagnostics
     3.3  Decision making and adoption processes
Section 4. References
Section 5. Appendices
     5.1  Preliminary findings memo
     5.2  Whole building energy use analysis

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